Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why to hire a Personal Trainer

If you have been reading recently, Amber decided to go ahead and hire a personal trainer at the gym that we go to. I had personal training back in 2008, but didn't receive the results I was looking for but loved the experience. I was so excited about Amber having the experience, that I decided to go ahead and purchase some sessions myself. **** yelling at Amber "you can't be skinny without ME!"***
Back in 2008, I had an amazing trainer who I really enjoyed spending my sessions with AND who worked me hard, but I didn't reach my fitness goals. My body got.... hard. I mean like... if you put your hand between my thighs, I could squeeze your hand until it hurt. I built up my endurance BUT I didn't lose any weight like I wanted. I actually kind of bulked up. This time around, I really needed to justify paying for training since I didn't receive the benefits that I was looking for a few years ago. So, I made a mini-list.

I want a Personal Trainer because:

  • I want someone to motivate me throughout my workouts at least 1 time per week.
  • I want learn new work outs and be able to work out at a higher intensity than I normally do by myself.
  • I will have someone to keep me accountable for my actions inside and outside of the gym.
  • I will learn about new ways to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle NOT a diet.
  • I want someone to accurately measure and track my progress and body fat percentage.
  • I will be motivated to work harder because I am paying for the trainer.
  • it will motivate me to 
And I made a deal with myself that I would only hire a personal trainer if I could pay in cash. GULP. 
I refuse to take on any additional credit card debt.

So I had my initial training session with the Fitness Manager last Saturday and learned so much! I told him about my recent rapid weigh gain, and he proved to me in 30 minutes that it was water weight. I lost 2lbs after 30 minutes of intense exercise. If those were "real pounds" then they wouldn't have moved. I will be meeting with my personal trainer bright and early on Thursday at 6am. As always, I will keep you posted. 

Also, I told the Fitness Manager about my previous experience with training and he said that every client that my old trainer had gained weight! I originally was blaming me not being devoted to losing weight and not maintaining a proper diet, but he confirmed that most likely no matter what I was eating, I would have gained weight because of the style of workouts. Crazy, right? So he picked out a style of workouts and a trainer to match my goals.

I will let you know just how that style of training goes... I start tomorrow morning!


  1. And many people also need a partner for their company, individually doing work-out make us bore.

    Personal Training contract

  2. I totally agree! I really don't think I would be able to stick to my 6am workouts with out Amber.

    I've never seen a PT contract like the one you attached. We signed one at the gym, but that is a great format if you are using a personal friend.

  3. I agree that working with a trainer as you can afford it is great! I couldn't afford to work with one regularly so I trained with her about once a month or so and had her build me a program I can follow on my own...


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