Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 5 Independance Day Challenge

If you are looking for the specs on the challenge, check out the first Independence Day Challenge post for full details. Feel free to jump in and join us at any time.

The week's Highs
I'm down another pound! Wooohooo! I've decided that I am going to do my best to avoid carbs during the week, and then eat them in moderation throughout the weekend. This is similar to a modified carb cycling plan, but it was definitely not my overall intention when I began this last week. I just wanted to be able to relax and enjoy a meal or two with my fiance. We will just have to wait and see what the scale has to say on Saturday morning to see if this is effective for me.
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I also was watching the Dr.Oz Show last week, and saw a recipe for Fat Flushing H20. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. I am fully aware. BUT I am always in the mood for a quick and easy weight loss scheme. It was part of a 10-Day Weight Loss Plan (which I will NOT be trying, FYI). But I thought that adding grapefruit to my water would be interesting and refreshing. AND it was. (I took a picture and put it on Instagram @KandidlyKim)You just have to make sure not to add too much because the rind will start to make the water taste bitter. This was simple and easy AND part of my new plan to find things that actually work for me. Maybe not for everyone, but healthy things that I actually like and can stick to incorporating into my life.

The week's Lows
My back is still not up to par... and not my right knee is steadily beginning to bother me more and more SO I have not been able to really exercise. I am going to commit to walking my dog in the afternoons (weather permitting), but that will be about it. After a 30 minute walk, my knee really starts to bother me. I had surgery on my left knee in December 2010, and was asked to have surgery on my right, but then I wouldn't be able to drive. My job at the time required me to drive, so that wasn't an option because I wouldn't have enough recovery time. Now... I feel like I must start to consider getting surgery on my right knee. Fun Fun. This will most likely not happen until the Fall at the earliest since I'm getting married in August though... I ain't got the time to be out of commission!
I am debating on whether or not I will be returning to personal training. I hate wasting time away... and I honestly miss seeing my trainer. But I also don't want to hurt myself. I may try and test my limits this Friday... and see how it feels. Hopefully, I will not be in too much pain.

How is the challenge going for ya'll?

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  1. I fell of the train over the last two weeks but I am back on it today. Had a lot going on and got distracted and to be honest I was a little burned out so I took a much needed break.

    I agree that you must do what ever healthy thing works for you and supports your health and fitness goals. I use apple cidar vinegar and lemon a lot which also help with fat burning. :)

    I love grapefruit. Now that it's getting hotter I think I will start incorporating more of them to keep me refreshed. :)

  2. Oh you might want to research but I heard that grapefruit makes birth control pills less effective. So if you are taking them maybe you want to do some research to prevent any mishaps. :)

    1. Seriously?! I think you are the most thoughtful blog reader! I am no longer on BC, but I used to be, so I definitely appreciate your advice! I wouldn't have known that!


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