Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#50in52 Week 5

The ups and downs of week 5 have been very interesting  If you didn't already know, Amber and I are located in Long Island, NY and were affected by Storm Sandy. We both don't have power... and aren't expected to get power back for another 7 - 10 days. Yea.... neither of us are too fond of LIPA right now, especially given that our ConEd neighbors (in my case, literally across the street) have gotten their power back....BUT we are happy that all of our family and friends are safe and sound. And our hearts really do go out to anyone who lost their homes, possessions, and family members to the storm.

But, despite all of the drama and still battling a cold I did manage a loss this week!

Week 4 180 (- 2.8)
Week 5 179.4 (-0.6)

Since I don't have power, and I started to get really sick at then end of last week, I completely had to stop juicing. After a particularly lovely ride home where my stomach forced me to pull over, I decided that I needed to rest and focus less on juicing for weight loss. I've opted to just eat as clean as possible. Right before I lost power, I was able to download another Tosca Reno book. I really, more than anything, want to be able to lose some lbs by eating healthy and exercising. That's it. I hate jolting my body by trying these get-skinny-quick plans (re: juicing, fasting, "detoxing", cleansing to decrease cravings...ect ect, I have tried it all.) Aren't we all supposed to be able to eat healthy in moderation and exercise to lose weight? That's what Doctors preach. So, I'm reading and trying to soak up some additional knowledge on how I can be better to my body and actually create a lifestyle change. I am so tired of hearing the whole "lifestyle change" BS, but I realized that I have never really tried to embark on a lifestyle change vs a diet.  (I feel discussing the difference may be an upcoming blog post!)

Until next week!


  1. This is so true. I love this post because losing weight is really about a lifestyle change and not a temporary goal. If we get sucked into the get skinny schemes we will lose weight but also run the risk of gaining it back since we never learned to eat right in the first place. It is also all about your mind. If you look at this as a lifestyle and not a temporary goal filled with restrictions and dreaded long workouts you are more likely to embrace healthy changes in your life that are sustainable. Check out my new blog and facebook page if you need some inspiration. :)


  3. I am so glad for your progress!
    I hear you about the whole power situation...about 5 years ago we also had a storm here in MN, the neighbors across our house had electricity while we didn't. This lasted for almost two weeks I think. I am glad you and Amber are doing great!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you and your family are OK.

    Congrats on your loss! :)


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