Monday, December 17, 2012

Workout Motivation

                                           Source: via KandidlyKim @ Work It Out, Gurl on Pinterest

Some days when we are not seeing progress, we are staggering through our workouts, and we want to eat everything that is fried.... It is more than hard to stay on the fit path; it feels damn near impossible. Remember that it is just one day, sometimes, it is even just one moment in a day. You have to use your mental fortitude to keep on pressing towards your goals. Do whatever you need to do to get yourself focused!

My least favorite exercise is planks on the vibrating plate at the gym. My trainer has me do a 30 second, 45 second, and then finish with 2 one minute planks as part of some of my circuits. The only way that I get through them is to sing to myself (note: it generally takes the first verse and a chorus of a song to get through a 60 second plank) OR I give myself a pep talk that basically is about how this is such a minuscule part of my day. Literally seconds... so I can finish the exercise.

When things get tough... remember, the feeling is not permanent; things will get better and....
                                                          Source: via KandidlyKim @ Work It Out, Gurl on Pinterest

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