Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Your Best Workout Partner

Last weekend when I was catching up on all of my unread blogs in my Goggle Reader, I came across a post on finding the best workout partner. Based upon the blog post, let me help you find yours.

Step 1. Head to your bathroom

Step 2. You know that reflective glass that is above your sink? Look into it. The person staring back at you is your best workout partner.

                                                  Source: runforthethrill.tumblr.com via KandidlyKim @ Work It Out, Gurl on Pinterest

When I read this article, at first I was ready to scroll past it. Seriously? I know how to workout on my own, but what if I want someone to join in on the fun? But the point was that looking for/seeking/depending on a workout buddy isn't always the most effective strategy. Sometimes it can even hurt your workouts. Let me explain.

When you have a workout buddy, you need to workout when that person is available. Yes, it should be at a mutually beneficial time, but sometimes you will have to alter your schedule to accommodate your friend.

You can also start comparing yourself to that person without even realizing it. As a woman, I know I am always looking at the other women at the gym and sizing myself up against them in my head. This is especially true when you and your workout partner are at different fitness levels. If both of you aren't on the same playing field during your workouts, things can get a bit tricky physically and mentally.

And the chatting (you know this was coming). Unless it is a light cardio day, generally you shouldn't be able to carry on a full conversation about the latest Biggest Loser episode. There should be enough physical exertion that you are uncomfortable chatting away throughout the whole workout.

So why should you work out solo? Because your workout is your workout. It should be customized to meet your goals AND it should never be altered because of someone else and their personal goals. Of course, from time to time, it's always nice to try something new, or workout with a friend(s) but overtime, make sure that you are willing and capable of working out on your own. And if you do have a partner for everyday workouts who is not your personal trainer, check in with some of the point above. Are you compromising too much? Do you feel that your workout is effective? Are you meeting your goals? Check in with yourself and make sure your style of workouts will help you reach your goals.

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