Thursday, November 03, 2011

I made a bucket of brown rice!

Yup! I did indeed. In an effort to plan ahead and ensure that I am sticking to my #2 November goal, I planned ahead and made about a week's worth of brown rice that I can dip into whenever my fiance is eating his yummy white rice. I am realizing that if I plan ahead and always have a healthy food option when I am home for when my fiance is eating something calorie laden and bad for me, that I can make good decisions. However,  if I don't have anything in place, than I go ahead and eat whatever he's eating.

Earlier this week, Beth from Beth's Journey wrote a post about difficulties with weight when you are single vs when you are in a relationship. Personally, I find it harder when I am in a relationship because I've never dated someone who is also watching their weight. I seem to gravitate towards men who can eat all day long and never gain an ounce. OH! and they refuse to eat "healthy" options, aka diet food. Lucky me!


  1. I am the same way -- really bad about eating while in a relationship. I gained 20 lbs in my last one! Though, since I am in the first month of a sucky break up, I guess I would say I would rather be fat and in love than thin and dumped? Ooh, I know I will regret saying that later!

  2. Hahahah! I love that! My coworker and I have a reverse type of joke whenever one of us wants to eat badly....

    "When I'm skinny.... don't say NOTHIN'!"


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